卡狄亚标准认证(北京)有限公司上海分公司2013年7月经国家认监委批准,卡狄亚标准认证(北京)有限公司上海分公司成立(简称:GICG上海),正式加入并成为GICG全球中一员。  GICG全球成立于1994年,总部设在英国伦敦,在全球设立了二十多个分中心或办事处,颁发数万张证书。GICG中国于2005年在北京成立,并通过了中国合格评定国家认可委员会(CNAS)的认可,可为客户提供带有UKAS、JAS-ANZ、CNAS认可标志的国际/国内多种认可的认证证书。GICG中国认证领域涉及质量管理体系(ISO 9001)、环境管理体系(ISO14001)、职业健康安全管理体系(ISO 45001)、工程建设施工企业质量管理规范(GB/T50430)、医疗器械质量管理体系(ISO13485)、石油天然气工业健康、安全与环境管理体系(SY/T 6276)、社会责任国际标准体系(SA 8000)、道路交通安全管理体系(ISO 39001)、反贿赂管理体系(ISO37001)、企业诚信管理体系(GB/T 31950)、商品售后服务体系(GB/T 27922)、温室气体核查(ISO14064)和碳足迹、碳标签(ISO/TS 14067)等。  GICG上海自成立之初起,严格遵守法律法规,秉承GICG“致力专业、服务全球”的理念及独立、公正的原则,已成功为上千家获证组织提供可靠、优质的服务。 经过多年的探索和发展,我们深知机构的发展离不开各界朋友的信任和广大客户的厚爱。我们仍将依托专业的背景、一流的服务质量及强大的审核力量,一如既往地为社会各界提供高质量、增值的认证服务,GICG上海愿与诸君共同携手创造更加灿烂辉煌的金色未来。


  Guardian Independent Certification (Beijing) Co., LTD. Shanghai branch (GICG for short) was approved by CNCA(Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People's Republic of China) and established in July 2013., then became an official member of GICG worldwide.

  Founded in 1994 and headquartered in London, UK, GICG has set up more than 20 sub-centers and offices all over the world, issuing tens of thousands of certificates. GICG China was established in Beijing in 2005, certified by CNAS (China National Accreditation Commission for Conformity Assessment), providing customers with a variety of certificates--international and domestic, with UKAS, JAS-ANZ and CNAS accreditation marks.

The certification service of GICG China includes quality management system (ISO 9001), environmental management system (ISO14001), occupational health and safety management system (ISO) 45001), quality management Standards for engineering construction enterprises (GB/T50430), medical device quality management system (ISO13485), oil and gas industry health, safety and environmental management system (SY/T 6276), international standard system for Social responsibility (SA 8000), road traffic safety management system (ISO) 39001), anti-bribery management system (ISO37001), corporate integrity management system (GB/T 31950), commodity after-sales service system (GB/T 27922), greenhouse gas verification (ISO14064), carbon footprint, carbon labeling (ISO/TS 14067), etc.

Since establishment, GICG Shanghai keeps abiding by laws and regulations, following the spirit of GICG--Deditation to “expertise and service global wide", as well as the principle of independence and impartiality. We have successfully provided reliable and high-quality services to thousands of certified organizations .After years of research and growth, we understand our development should be closely related to the trust and faith from all our friends and customers. We shall base our service on professional background, first-class service quality and strong audit force as always, and provide high-quality, value-added certification services to the community.

GICG Shanghai would like to create more glorious future with you all!